Bids and RFPs

Go to eProcurement Marketplace for current projects out to bid.

The agency is now conducting all competitive solicitations on an Internet-based eProcurement Housing Marketplace. The agency is paying for all costs for the use of the Marketplace so there will be no additional charges for your firm to use the Marketplace to download documents or submit responses to the agency.

To take part in the process, please follow the instructions below:

1) Access REGISTRATION page
2) Follow the listed directions.

If you have any problems accessing or registering on the Marketplace, place call their customer support line at 866-526-9266.

Completing the above registration instructions will ensure you will receive notification by email when the agency posts solicitation on the eProcurement Housing Marketplace.

For questions on specific solicitations, contact the Procurement Coordinator at 207-221-8087 or contact by email.