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PHA Community Survey

  1. Portland Housing Authority Community Survey
    Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback about your experience as a resident of Portland Housing Authority. Answers will be kept anonymous. Contact Information, if provided, will only be used by volunteers for follow-up purposes and to verify that you are a current resident.
  2. Portland Housing Authority
  3. Please select the option that best corresponds with your current situation:
  4. Do you feel a sense of community within your neighborhood?*
  5. Do you believe you would benefit from more multicultural activities?*
  6. How satisfied are you with the tpe of activities for residents in your community?*
  7. If Applicable, are there enough activities for your children?
  8. How familiar are you with the services available in your community? *
  9. How did you hear about the services available in your community?
  10. Do you feel that your thoughts and concerns are heard by Portland Housing Authority?*
  11. Have you ever attended a community meeting in your neighborhood?*
  12. How often do you have access to adequate healthcare?*
  13. If applicable, do you utilize the health clinic in your neighborhood?
  14. How often do you and your family (if applicable) have enough to eat?*
  15. Do you utilize a food pantry? *
  16. How safe do you feel in your community*
  17. In the event of an emergency, are you comfortable contacting law enforcement (police)? *
  18. How often do you use public transportation (bus)?*
  19. What mode of transportation do you normally use?*
  20. Do you feel that you have the resources necessary to advance your education? *
  21. Which resources would be beneficial to you? (Check all that apply)
  22. Would you be interested in participating in a group discussion based on the issues indicated above?*
  23. Would you be interested in meeting with the Intern or staff to share additional information and ideas?
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