Is there a waiting list for a voucher?


there is a waiting list for vouchers (see "How do I Apply for a Voucher?"). 

The PHA will use the following local preferences, as well as date and time of the application, establish placement position on a waiting list. Families who have also applied for Project Based Vouchers will be selected according to Chapter 17 of the Housing Choice Voucher Administrative Plan.


The following preference groups are prioritized and offered vouchers based on qualification for funding, availability of vouchers, and the administrative need to for PHA to utilize available vouchers. All households must be on the Centralized Waitlist prior to receiving a voucher.

  1. The PHA will offer a preference to any participating family that has been terminated from its HCV program due to insufficient program funding.
  2. PHA, under the direction of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, may give preference for tenant-based assistance to persons displaced by natural or national disaster as designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) until such time that funding designated for this preference has been committed.
  3. The PHA may offer a preference to families who include victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking who are seeking an emergency transfer under VAWA from PHA’s public housing program or other covered housing program operated by PHA.
  4. The PHA may offer a preference to FYI-TPV recipients who have successfully completed 36 months with the FYI-TPV Program and can demonstrate an ongoing need for assistance. *
  5. The PHA may offer a preference to current Bridging Rental Assistance Program recipients
  6. The PHA may offer a preference to VASH recipients who no longer qualify or choose to receive VASH services if HCV’s are currently available. *
  7. The PHA may offer a preference to First-Place recipients. *
  8. The PHA may offer a preference to up to 40 families that meet the criteria for the Limited Preference Program for Chronically Homeless (LPPCC) program *

*See Chapter 19 of the Housing Choice Voucher Administrative Plan for details on preference groups.

For all other applicants the following Point System applies:

Portland Housing gives preference to an applicant family on the waiting list if they qualify for one or more of the preference categories listed below. Local Preference points are cumulative and are added to the applicant family’s priority points (if any) to determine an applicant family’s position on the waiting list

Local PreferencePoints

Family with minor children, and/or Elderly, and/or disabled

5 points

Families with a member who lives or works within the area of PHA’s area of operation.

2 Point

Families who are currently homeless under HUD definition and/or have a Rent Burden of more than 50% of family income.

1 Point


The PHA will first assist families that have been terminated from the HCV program due to insufficient funding and then assist families that qualify for the VAWA preference.

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