Affordable Family Housing Projects

View a listing of our Affordable Family Housing Options:
  1. Bayside Anchor
  2. Brannigan House
  3. Burnham Arms
  4. Casco Terrace
  5. CHOM / CASA
  6. Croquet Lane
  7. Florence House
  8. Holly Street
  9. Huston Commons
  10. Iris Park Apartments
  11. Logan Place
  12. Loring House
  13. Meadowbrook Apartments
  14. Saint John Street
  15. STRIVE
  16. Thomas Heights
  17. Yale Court

Bayside Anchor

Bayside Anchor Apartments is a mixed-income property. Nine units are under this project-based contract.  This apartment community is located in Portland’s East Bayside neighborhood and is within walking distance to downtown Portland, grocery stores, restaurants, schools, libraries, drug stores and many other services. All utilities are included in the rent.   

Project Preference 
Preference will be given to those that are homeless. 

Amenities Include 
  • Bike Storage  
  • Head Start Pre-school  
  • Community Policing Office  
  • Community Room  
  • Elevator 
  • Laundry Facilities  
  • Trash/Recycling Room  

Interested applicants should call 207-773-4753, ext. 8257 for an application.

81 East Oxford Street
Portland, Maine 04102