FAQ - Housing Choice Voucher Portability


How do I move to another Housing Authority's jurisdiction?


Portability allows you to move to a different city or town. The unit can be anywhere in the United States where there is a Housing Authority or other agency operating a Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program.

You may move with your Voucher if you:
  • Are in good standing with the Portland Housing Authority
  • Do not owe your landlord any money
  • Have lived in the jurisdiction of the Housing Authority issuing your voucher for at least 1 year
Contact your worker at your housing authority immediately if you want to move.

Housing Authorities in Other Areas
Because all HCV programs are governed by the same regulations they will be very similar, however, Housing Authorities do have areas in which they can create their own rules. You will have to locate housing that fits within the guidelines of the particular area you have chosen to live in.

Be prepared to give information and documents to the new housing authority regarding your income and family members including Social Security cards, birth certificates, etc. The process of moving from one housing authority to another is going to take some time so please be patient.