Family Housing

  1. Instructions
  2. Anderson Street
  3. Bayside Anchor
  4. Bayside East
  5. Bayside Terrace
  6. Dermot Court
  7. Front Street
  8. Hammond Street
  9. Kennedy Park
  10. Riverton Park
  11. Sagamore Village
  12. Salem Street
  13. Solterra Apartments

Click through the community names to learn more about our family housing communities. 

Information Includes:

  • Photo (if available) 
  • Brief description of the property
  • Project housing preferences if applicable (i.e. elderly, disabled, families, homeless, etc.)
  • Amenities (i.e. laundry, elevator, parking, etc.)
  • Location
  • Link to apply

For additional information or to apply for a unit, please click the "Apply" button or contact the Property Management Department.  

Click here for more information about Low-Income Public Housing.