Project Based Voucher Projects

  1. Instructions
  2. Anderson Street
  3. Bayside Anchor
  4. Brannigan House
  5. Burnham Arms
  6. Casco Terrace
  7. Croquet Lane
  8. Deering Place
  9. Florence House
  10. Furman Block
  11. Holly and St. John Streets
  12. Huston Commons
  13. Iris Park Apartments
  14. Logan Place
  15. Loring House
  16. Meadowbrook Apartments
  17. Solterra
  18. STRIVE
  19. Thomas Heights
  20. Wessex Woods
  21. Winding Way
  22. Yale Court

Click through the community names to learn more about our Project Based Voucher housing partners. 

Information Includes:

  • Photo (if available) 
  • Brief description of the property
  • Project housing preferences if applicable (i.e. elderly, disabled, families, homeless, etc.)
  • Amenities (i.e. laundry, elevator, parking, etc.)
  • Location
  • How to apply

For additional information or to apply for a unit, please reach out to the contact person listed with the property details.  

Click here for more information about Project Based Vouchers.