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The Project-Based Voucher Program is part the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program that provides long term project-based affordable housing for very low and extremely low income households.

How it works:

Unlike the HCV program, PBV subsidies are not mobile.  The subsidy is tied to a specific unit for the term of the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract.  Public housing agencies can attach up to 20% of their HCV program budget authority to specific housing units for up to fifteen years, with the option to extend in 1-15 year increments, for not more than fifteen cumulative years.  The PBV subsidy can be used for new construction, rehabilitated units or for units in an existing building.  PBV subsidy is very effective used in tandem with housing development programs (like LIHTC and HOME programs) because it guarantees the developer a steady stream of revenue that can help pay debts incurred during construction and rehabilitation.  PBV subsidy also helps to ensure that affordable housing is available to voucher-eligible households even when housing markets are tight.

Application process for prospective developers/owners:

From time to time PHA publishes a Request for Proposals  in the local newspaper and on our website.  Interested parties must contact the housing authority for application criteria and other relevant information.  Applications must be submitted according to the format provided by the indicated deadline.  Proposals will be reviewed and scored according to the application criteria.

Who is eligible: 

Very low income or extremely low income households.  Some developments give preference in selection to households where one or more members have a special need or meet other additional selection criteria.

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