1. It's Cold Outside! - How to Avoid Frozen Pipes in Your Home

    Temperatures are forecast to drop below freezing and stay low for a long stretch of days. When there are two or more consecutive days of frigid weather, issues with frozen pipes can occur. It is important to keep the heat on and windows closed. Read on...
  2. Neighborhood Volunteering Opportunity

    Looking for an opportunity to serve in your neighborhood and build community? Volunteer to shovel snow for an elderly neighbor this winter. Read on...
  3. Discover EmPowerMe!

    Take the first step and invest in you! EmPowerMe provides pathways towards family stability, financial empowerment, and life coaching. Open to Public Housing residents and Housing Choice Voucher holders. Services available by appointment. Call 221-8066. Read on...


  1. RP Block Party Kid at Photo Booth

    Study Centers Schedule and Hours

    The school year has started and so have all programs and services at PHA Study Centers. These are located at Kennedy Park, Front Street, Sagamore Village, and Riverton Park. Read on for details

  1. 58 Boyd St Metal Framing

    58 Boyd Street Apartments

    Construction on the project site continues as Wright-Ryan Construction has installed most of the steel for the 2nd floor deck and will be pouring the 2nd floor slab in the next few weeks. . 
  1. Snowy SV

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